Mindful Life 

A mindful life always starts within yourself. Practicing being mindful in your every day choices towards what makes you feel your best self, practicing self love in every aspect. It is something you always have to work on, and when you are conscious about it is easier for it to spread to whatever is around you- that’ is why is so important to focus on what makes you good & thrive first, to be aligned with your values & purpose, to be present and radiate positivity to what you most desire. 

Your mindset is a powerful tool which we use every day to find the best way to live more consciously and with a positive outcome daily. When you train your mind to focus on the beauty of the moment & on the importance of respect and care for you, you are working towards a life that is truly conscious and mindful. 

And the most beautiful about this is that as you practice listening, caring and loving yourself more, it eventually becomes natural to just know what’s the best possible choice for your own best and whats around you, slowly making more conscious decisions that are both good for you, your loved ones, your community & the environment.

Mindful Travel

Everyone can have a mindful sustainable experience as there are many ways to be responsible towards the community and environment, starting by the right mindset. When a mindful way of living is the core of your life, it eventually permeates everything around you- this is the best way to approach mindful travelling too. 

It is beautiful to explore this wonderful world when you are open, patient and mindful. 

Mindful travelling starts with the right mindset.

By being conscious about yourself and your actions. 

By being aware of where you are and where you are going. 

By respecting and acknowledging you are a visitor that has been invited to pass by for a while.  

By feeling you have left a seed (because you have!) that will inspire the locals and others to keep protecting their unique place while they share it to others. 

Your actions become more powerful when choosing responsibly your way of travelling.  And here is a short guide plus checklist that you can start implementing straight away…

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