Hello Friend!

Very happy for you to be here. 

My name is Champi and I have always seen myself as a traveler in body and spirit, believer in magic, creative adventurer & nature lover. All of this has shaped my life in unexpected and beautiful ways! 

I am a Mexican woman that has lived abroad in 4 countries so far: France, Canada, Australia and of course my home country: Mexico. And here is where I am currently living, in San Miguel de Allende, my hometown, while exploring my beautiful country as much as I can and learn about myself as much as possible- always ready for the next adventure!

I have been in love with traveling since a very young age, always curious about the world around us and the beautiful place we call home. Living in other countries gave me such a wonderful perspective on people & the environment that I hardly saw when growing up in Mexico and I am so grateful I got to live that. 

A big lover of tea, films, history, animals, mindfulness, nature and food, I am always excited for what’s coming next in my life and ways to leave this world better than before. I have lived a life full of joy, where I have learned to be more mindful of our time on Earth & always aware of our footprint as humans, therefore I am constantly looking for objects and projects that are friendly to our planet and ways to expand myself internally while inspiring others to do so too. I’m a true believer that we can all contribute for a better world with our individual actions by truly knowing and respecting ourselves and I’m here to inspire other women travelers to stay longer in places, to approach mindful living and traveling and fall in love with it: to get immersed in the culture and form part of the community you travel to, to opt for conscious operators while also implementing this conscious mindset into your everyday life.

I would love to be part of your project whether capturing the magic of your space through photography, telling a story on a video or helping you to raise your voice through social media to reach more people in the most genuine way possible! 

Let’s get inspired to live & travel mindfully together and looking forward to hearing from you! 

For the little moments, and the pure love I’ve encountered around the world, for the breathtaking sunsets and the chills in my body, for smiling to a stranger & learning more about me as I move around our beautiful world.

What do you live for ?

– Champi

My Bucket List Experiences

Where I would love to live

  • Australia ✓
  • Brazil, near the beach 
  • French Polynesia
  • Greek Islands
  • Namibia or Botswana
  • Poland or Hungary
  • South of Italy
  • Thailand or Indonesia

Where I want to visit

  • Canada for its National Parks
  • China’s countryside 
  • Costa Rica jungle and volcanoes
  • Ecuador for its biodiversity
  • Egypt to explore one of the most ancient civilizations
  • Greece’s magic, sunsets and food
  • Japan’s countryside
  • Jordan’s desert and landscapes
  • Iceland during the summer
  • Indonesia’s beautiful islands
  • Malta for its landscape beauty 
  • Mexico’s 132 Magic Towns
  • Mongolia’s steppes during summer 
  • Morocco for its arts & crafts, food & scenery
  • Norway’s fjords 
  • Palau to explore its diverse and thriving ocean
  • Peru’s ancient history and nature landscapes 
  • Thailand for its natural beauty and food 


  • Angkor Wat at sunrise
  • Antarctic Expedition for photography 
  • Become a photographer
  • Blue Whale Watching in Mexico 
  • Dive with Sharks
  • Design my own house in Mexico and build it
  • Explore Chiapas in Mexico 
  • Explore the Amazon rainforest 
  • Fall in love with Raja Ampat’s natural beauty
  • Get a camper van to travel the world
  • Go on an African Safari
  • Inka Trail in Peru
  • Learn how to sail
  • Marvel at Uluru in Australia
  • Open Water PADI Certified Diver
  • PADI Aware Shark Conservation course
  • Puma looking in the Chilean Patagonia
  • Roadtrip along the Pacific West Coast of the US & Canada
  • Roadtrip in Patagonia
  • Stroll the floating market of Bangkok
  • Swim next to Whale Sharks ✓
  • Trans Siberian train in Russia
  • Travel the ancient Silk Roads
  • Trekking an active volcano
  • Volunteer in environmental projects around the world
  • Witness ceremonies and traditions of Pacific Island Nations
  • Witness the beauty of the Okavango