Welcome to the place where you can learn to live a more mindful life that can transform your way of thinking entirely and apply it into every area of your life, from your daily lifestyle, to your travels and more! I’m Champi and I’m excited to help and inspire you to plan your trips in Mexico and to take a more mindful approach into your incredible life.

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Meet Champi

Content Creator and Mindfulness Practitioner


My name is Champi and I am a traveler in body and spirit, creative adventurer & nature lover.

I’m a true believer that we can all contribute for a better world with our individual actions and so I’m here to inspire others to approach a more positive & mindful mindset for it to be implemented in your every day and travel lifestyle. 

Let’s get inspired to live & travel mindfully together!

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Get inspired to travel in a more conscious & mindful way by learning about people, businesses and projects that are making a positive impact in our world. 


Discover this beautiful country through its diversity, traditions and culture. A land of unique food, friendly people and breathtaking landscapes for all through the eyes of a local.

Mindful Life

A collection of memories through words and images for inspiration to live a life in the present moment. Being mindful is a lifestyle that rewards you with so much freedom and love for yourself and the world around you.

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